Our School also offers extracurricular activities that are non academic like sports and school clubs such as: ballet, swimming, karate, table -tennis ,chess, scrabble, puzzle,  choreography and contemporary dance and volley ball.


Our academic clubs are Spelling Bee Club, Arts and Craft Club, BScholars Club, Phonics Club, Violin/Saxophone Club, Recorder Players and Drumming Club, Cookery and Home-Keepers Club, Literary and Debating Club, Science and Math mania Club.


Every child from Pre- Kindergarten class to Grade 6 must belong to one academic club and one non academic club.



For Sports and other competitive events , the School is divided into Sports Houses. On admission, every pupil is assigned to one of these Houses and he or she is expected to be actively involved with the House. On  Fridays, all pupils must come to School wearing their Sportswear, white socks and canvases.